Cat still unsure why even bigger cat acts like that

A recently adopted rescue cat is having trouble adapting to his new home after being placed with a ‘Mentally troubled’ larger cat.

Winston 8, who rescued by the RSPCA after his owner fell ill and could no longer look after him, was placed in the care of couple Mr and Mrs Jones and their very large cat Onyx.

“He annoys me.”, said Winston. “The begging and whining, the constant attention seeking and the obsessive compulsive behaviour with that tennis ball, it’s just not normal cat behaviour.”

“I’ve spoken to other cats in the area, they know Onyx and reckon he’s a bit, well, autistic.”

Winston, who has obviously never met any other animals, said he’d like to ‘Slap the shit’ out of Onyx, but couldn’t due to his perceived disability.

“He comes and licks me without my consent. I’m biting my tongue at the minute for the Jones’ sake, but be aware my fucking RSPCA profile recommended I be put in a pet free home.”

“It just baffles me how he can get away with his behaviour. Yesterday he repeatedly sat on the couch after he had been told no, up down up down, I just sat there next to him like, why aren’t you just ignoring them like I am?”