“Obama put a camera in my shower too” says Trump

DONALD trump has caused another political storm recently after claiming on Twitter that ex President Barack Obama wire tapped his phone and monitored his calls at his home residence, the penis shaped Trump Tower.

Just as the conspiracy began to cool, he then added more fuel to the fire by claiming that he had found a camera in his shower and that Obama was behind that too.

“He was behind the White House leaks of my personal info and now this man is watching me naked.”

It is thought that Trumps administration was tipped off after it was brought to their attention that ‘Some one of similar stature to Trump’ was having their naked shower livestreamed on the internet.

“We believe it is Trump.”, said an anonymous source close to the POTUS. “What gives it away is the pot belly, small hands and extremely small penis.”

The stream was shutdown minutes after it went live, since then The Donald has claimed that it wasn’t him, yet his staff had ‘Coincidentally’ found a camera in his shower.

“That obviously wasn’t me.”, he said. “My penis is much much larger than that. Many times larger I’ll show you if you want.”

“We have however done a search of Trump Tower and found a camera in the shower. Although once again to clarify the man with the tiny penis wasn’t me.”

We contacted Obama who said, “Oh shit, that camera was supposed to be for Melania.”