Man with camera ready to shout “Worldstar” at street altercation

A man has turned what would have been a small, easily resolvable argument between two old ladies into a fight in which one of them was left with a broken jaw and a bloody nose.

Jason Bent, who was filming the altercation, began to about “Worldstar” at the ladies who initially seemed as though they didn’t want to throw down.

“They were arguing about a shopping basket.”, said Jason. “There was only one left, but they both needed it.”

“It seemed really civil at first, although one was accusing the other of taking it from her, neither of them looked too bothered.”

“So I thought, I’ll get my camera out. I’ve seen these sorts of things on the internet and I know how they work.”

Jason then began to shout “Werlstar, Worldsturr, Whirlstar” at the pair who at first seemed confused at what he meant.

“They looked at me like I was crazy lol. I was like bitch, this means you gotta fight. You bout to go on”

The two then inexplicably began to trade blows, Jasons footage shows the fight lasting several minutes before onlookers intervened. By this time one of the women had suffered traumatic facial injuries after being hit in the face by the metal basket.

“I was there the whole time though shouting WORLDSTAR.”, said Jason.