Parrots racist squawks no longer just a mimic

A Parrot has been put up for adoption for the third time in under 12 months after it repeatedly threw racist and homophobic slurs at its owner’s.

Nemo, the Africa Grey Parrot, a species which is renowned for its intelligence and ability to mimic human speech as well as many other noises, has repeatedly insulted it’s adopters after being brought in to an RSPCA centre following the death of its owner.

It’s latest carer, Dr Nigel Umbong, a dual British and Nigerian national was happy at first to have the pet.

“I’ve always wanted to own a Grey, they’re from my home state so it’s a personal thing.”

“Everything was going well until one day the kids came home and the parrot started shouting. First he screeched about ‘Darkies’ and then it was the “Gays” and he even went on to say the ‘N’ word.”

Nigel took his pet back to the RSPCA the very next day, who refunded him his full adoption fee.

Nemo has been in their care ever since. “We’ve had to put signs up saying he’s a racist parrot.”, said Sarah Jane who works at the adoption centre. “He’d be suitable for the UKIP, Britain First type.”

“The odd thing is he’s learning new words in segregation. Yesterday he was going on about the gassing the Jews.”