Brexiteer admits his vote would’ve been swayed had he known about rise in Mars bar prices

A vehement Brexiteer has revealed that had he have known about the rising price of Mars bars due to complications of Brexit, he would never have voted for the damn thing.

Michael Clark from London, who was one of 10 people in the city to vote Leave on last year’s referendum, was said to be ‘Extremely angry’ that his favourite chocolate was going to rise up to a fifth in price.

“I disagree with everything the European Union stands for, the undemocratically elected, self servicing bureaucracy, the stubbornness and unwillingness to change by a patronising elite and the unfettered immigration. It’s just not for me.”, said Michael.

However, Michael has since rescinded his comments after it emerged Mars were going to put up prices of their trademark chocolate after Brexit causes the pound to fall almost twenty percent in value, affecting their trade of sugar and cocoa.

“That is just too much. I love Britain as a sovereign independent nation, but I love chocolate even more. I will not stand idly by and let Brexit put up the price of my favourite caramel choccy bar.”

“I will now be protesting against Brexit. Thank God for Gina Miller and those old gits in the House of Lords.”

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  1. About the Brexiteer who said he wouldn’t have voted to leave had he known the price of his beloved Mars Bar would go up by 20%: this shows the breathtakingly trivial stuff that can trigger someone to change their mind. I think, conversely, many Brexiteers voted that way for trivial reasons.

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