Eating oranges may cause ginger children, say doctors

A group of doctors have made a shock discovery today, revealing that they have found a ‘Solid link’ between people who wrote oranges and the colour of their future children’s hair.

Dr. James Bennet of the University of Kent was originally researching into apples when he decided to move onto other fruit.

“I was trying to figure out if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, unsurprisingly it does. So I moved on to oranges next and found this remarkable correlation between them and ginger children.”

James estimates that people who eat oranges on a daily basis have as much as a 85% chance of sowing the seeds for a ginger child.

“It is very concerning.”, said James. “The fact that this occurs in both males and females and even before pregnancy means if any oranges are eaten at all, it’s going to directly affect their future children.”

“I would warn parents to stay away from oranges whilst we continue our research. Also stay away from colourful fruits such as grapes and melons.”

“Actually come to think of it, I had a hipster couple in here a few days ago and their child had green hair. It must be from all the avocado.”