Equality rights activists call for crackdown on dog misgendering

AN animal rights equality group- which obviously has nothing else to do- has called for a crackdown on the ‘Misgendering’ of pets, especially dogs, by the general public.

The group, known as Animal Rights Initiative, have cited the ‘Mental health’ of animals as their main reason for the move.

Daisy Cloak, lead nutjob of the movement, has stated recent “Scientific studies” that suggest dogs can be transgender.

“These animals know when they’re being misgendered.”, she said. “When you approach a dog and say ‘Who’s a good boy’ you’re actually infringing its animal rights and hurting its mental health.”

“Assuming the dog is a ‘Boy’ or ‘He’ does nothing but purport the patriarchy.”

Believe it or not Daisy’s references are to a little known study that was funded by equality rights group EQUALI-T, one which looked into gender in animals and one that has been thoroughly discredited in the real scientific community as containing ‘Extremely bias’.

However, disregarding the obvious flaws in the research, Daisy still has her own agenda, “I suggest that when you approach an animal, especially a dog, you refer to it as ‘Dog-ze’ pronounced ‘Dog-sy’, this will ensure that the dog isn’t victimized or triggered in any way.”