GoFundMe campaign to have Katie Hopkins euthanized reaches its target in record time

A Go Fund Me page to have Katie Hopkins deported and sent to the assisted suicide clinic Dignitas in Switzerland has reached its target in record time.

The original page, which was set up by a disgruntled radio fan who was fed up of her ruining his favourite radio station, LBC, had set a target for £10,000.

After going live, the 10k target was reached ‘In a matter of seconds’ according to technical analyst Steve Walsh who works for the company.

He said, “This is the fastest crowd sourced donation we have ever seen, it’s probably the fastest ever.”

According to Steve, the page to have Hopkins euthanised even outperformed donations for those effected by the 2011 Japanese Tsunami and more recently the plight of Syria refugees travelling to Europe (Something Katie Hopkins has been very vocal about).

“It just shows how much public passion there is for this subject, I hope they get what they want and this goes ahead.”

Assisted suicide clinic Dignitas refused to comment on the GoFundMe campaigns success, but did say that they would take ‘All things into consideration when deciding on our clients.’

There’s still hope for us yet.