Cyber criminals are now hacking alarms to make you late for work

We’re forever being bombarded with the threat of ‘Cyber crime’ on the internet these days, it seems you can’t do anything online without someone somewhere, trying to steal your bank account number or your Twitter password or trying to get hold of those semi-naked pictures you took when you were 18.

Now though, with the increasing connectivity to the internet via household objects, we are being warned of a totally different kind of cyber warfare.

According to one government source, cyber hackers are now targeting alarm clocks to make you late for work.

Tim Pillough from the Serious Organised Crime Agency, aka SOCA, has said Brits need to be aware of what they connect to the internet.

“This is basically economic warfare. It’s a completely new way of being disruptive. Most of these attacks are coming from China and Russia.”, he said.

“Just recently we had a case where a CEO of a major company was targeted, his alarm didn’t go off and he missed a major meeting which cost his company millions of pounds in shares.”

“We’ve also had reports of FitBits and other fitness gadgets being attacked, the calorie counters are being reset which means the owners are eating more food and getting fatter.”

Tim issued a few words of advice for people who are concerned their gadgets have been hacked. “If you think you’re being monitored, then take your gadget back to the shop immediately.”