Range Rovers to be fitted with magnetic bumpers to allow for closer tailgating

From July 2017, every new Range Rover that is manufactured will have an inbuilt system that will allow it to tailgate better, says the head of the company.

CEO Carl Simmons confirmed the move towards the technology after it emerged that an extensive ‘Customer feedback’ campaign revealed that drivers were concerned with not being able to tailgate closely enough.

The technology, which has been joint developed by Range Rover, Audi and BMW, will see two semi-conductive magnetic strips attached to the bumpers of the cars.

“It’s extremely clever technology.”, said Carl Simmons, “Our science nerds have been trying to develop a safe way to tailgate for a while now, this customer feedback programme has really cemented our beliefs that a need for such a thing exists.”

According to a manual which we have been handed, when the magnets are operated it will allow the user to get within ‘2-3 centimeters’ of the car in front of it.

“Now you might be thinking how this is done safely.”, said Carl. “Well the rest of the car is constantly detecting for changes, if it feels the car in front slow down quickly, the magnets will reverse polarisation and repel the car away from the incoming crash. Smart huh?”

Range Rover has also been working on an optional magnetised rear bumper that essentially works in the opposite way, two negative magnets are fitted which will allow cars trying to tailgate to be pushed away.