Feminists call for action after man commits ‘Stare rape’ on train

A man who was innocently admiring a beautiful woman on the train has become the subject of an internet hate campaign today, after he was accused by a feminist group of perpetuating a ‘Stare rape’.

The organisation, known as Feminist Action Team aka FAT, has called for the man to ‘Serve time’ after his ‘Victim’ took a snap of him looking at her and then presented the photo as evidence of her ordeal to the group.

Candice Von, spokesperson for FAT was quite rightly outraged at the rape. “I can’t believe that a man can have the audacity to commit such a despicable act so brazenly on public transport.”, she said.

“One of our young activists was minding her own business and was on her way to a FAT meeting when she was leered at intimidatingly by the man whilst on a train.”

The activist, who didn’t wish to be named for fear of reprisals said that the stare lasted ‘3-4 seconds’ and left her feeling ‘Uncomfortable, vulnerable and eye raped’. In a statement left on FAT’s website she also stated that the incident had left her ‘Traumatised, in fear of leaving public transport and in need of extensive counselling.’

FAT gobshite Candice Von, who wouldn’t shut up said, “We have reported the incident to the police and hope that they take appropriate action. We have also started a campaign to identify the chauvinistic pig that openly raped this woman in public. Once found he will be severely dealt with.”