Madonna to use the Hunger Games to select her next African child

Serial adopter and black baby snatcher Madonna, has revealed her plans on how she intends to select her next child.

The singer songwriter who already has six kids, will try to fix her mid life crisis yet again by adopting another child, although this time it will be no walk in Sahara for the contestants, but a walk through a Hunger Games type challenge.

According to her website, 12 African nations will be chosen at random and each nation will chose two desperate orphans to represent it.

“We’re looking at setting it up around December time.”, Madonna said in a recent interview.

“It’s going to be quite a complex operation but we believe we can make it happen​. I want to make sure these kids really want to have the amazing superstar Madonna as their mom and aren’t just in it for a free ride.”

Madonna then hit back at calls of child cruelty aswell as a hail of comments accusing her of ‘Massaging her ego’, by saying that the Africans ‘Needed her more than she needed them’.

“I adopt children out of the goodness of my own heart.”, she said. “It has nothing to do with my self-admiration or the fact that I’m trying to replace my biological children who don’t even like me.”

Madonnas Really Hungry Games will be broadcast on terrestrial television in January 2018.