Man given £600 fine and 3 points for blinking behind the wheel

Road campaigners have called on the British government to relax its ‘Draconian’ driving laws after a London man became​ the first person in the country to be fined for blinking whilst behind the wheel.

Tom Saunders, who drives a white BMW, was travelling northbound up the M1 when he was stopped by police car frantically flashing its blue lights.

After he was pulled over to the hard shoulder, Tom was confronted by a ‘Very angry policeman’ who accused him of driving without due care and attention.

“I was dumbstruck.”, said Tom. “The way he approached it you’d have thought I was sleeping.”

“He mentioned that a camera I’d passed at junction 17 had captured me ‘Blinking excessively’ and that since he had video evidence, I would be charged and fined.”

“He mentioned that I shouldn’t be blinking if I’m behind the wheel of a car as it districts you from driving, he said my eyes should be on the road 100% of the time.”

The British government has recently increased the penalties for mobile phone use and is currently discussing wether to implement hasher fines for speeding just 1mph over the limit.

“It seems an overzealous cop has just taken things way too far.”, said Tom, trying not to blink.