Brexiter calls for second referendum after Tesco stops selling his favourite beer

A Brexiter has been so ‘Outraged’ today after finding out that Tesco will no longer be selling Heineken beer, he has called on the British government​ to call a second referendum ‘Immediately’ so he can change his vote.

Vehement Brexiter Daryl Jenkins from Yorkshire, was out shopping with his wife and children on Saturday when he noticed that the supermarket was ‘Lacking several of his favourite beers’.

After quizzing staff he was told the alcohol was due to ‘Short supply’, he then turned to Twitter to vent his anger at the official Tesco account.

“I was bloody shocked when they told me it was due to a pricing row caused by Brexit related currency falls.”, said Daryl.

“I campaigned for a hard Brexit, but I never expected this, how can they just stop stocking beer?”

After a to-and-fro with the Tesco Twitter representative, Daryl realised he had made a ‘Huge mistake’, he took to yet more social media demanding that the government give him the option to change his vote.

“I love my country, but I fucking love beer, I will not sit idly by on a Friday night when i could be getting shitfaced. That is why I’m calling on the government to give us a second referendum on our European Union membership. Hopefully then I can get back to drinking my bloody Heineken!”, he wrote.