ISIS claim responsibility for the Great fire of London

It seems barely a day goes by without ISIS claiming responsibility for something, the Paris terror attacks, the London terror attacks, that bagel you burnt this morning which ruined your breakfast, but now they’ve taken responsibility for one of the most destructive events the UK has ever seen, the Great Fire of London.

The fire, which took place 350 years ago in 1666, gutted London and destroyed 13,000 homes, although officially the death count stands at 6, although this is disputed by historians aswell as ISIS.

In an article released in their popular news magazine ‘Jihad Weekly’ ISIS claim ‘Responsibility for the last 700 years of destruction in London, including the great fire’. Which according to them, was committed by a man named Riyadh Al-Aheed, who had arrived on a visit from the Middle East that day.

The article reads ‘Al-Aheed was visiting London, sent on a diplomatic mission from a group which laid the foundations of our current ISIS.’

‘Riyadh was hungry after his journey and decided to get some food. After visiting several establishments he became angry at the lack of halal options available to him. This he when he visited Thomas Farynors bakery on Pudding Lane, after he too told Riyadh his products weren’t halal, Al-Aheed started the Great Fire of London.’