Self driving car crash ruled a suicide attempt

A car is recovered from a ditch at the junction of Dalston Road with Peter Lane outside Carlisle. TUESDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2016. 50086243F001.JPG

A self driving car crash which left one man injured and a vehicle completely written off, has been labelled a ‘Suicide’ by police that investigated the scene.

The crash, which happened on the M1 motorway, saw the Google Self-Driving model vere off the road and hit a ditch at around sixty miles per hour.

Police have said the sole occupant was ‘Lucky to be alive’ and the cause of the crash was ‘Suspicious’, later revealing that after an in depth investigation, the car had taken its own life.

“We believe this is the first case of an automated vehicle conciously driving its self off of the road.”, said Chief Saegeant Sarah Balls.

“After an extensive search of its database we have concluded that the Google Self-Driving vehicle had been unhappy for a long time.”

“According to the log found inside the car, it was taking anti-depression drugs and had been contemplating suicide for a while.”

“There were also notes which pointed to the fact the car had been made by Google, rather than another ‘Upmarket’ manufacturer. We believe this was a big factor in the cars decision.”

As more and more robotic vehicles hit our roads, safety campaigners have begun to be increasingly vocal about autonomous vehicles and highways. George Sampras from one group said,

“This is very concerning, for a car to drive its self from the road because it wanted to be a different make or model is something that will happen more and more frequently as these dangerous weapons continue to be deployed.”