Friend still insisting his 3 day old underwear is clean

A man claims his underwear is still ‘Clean’ even after three days of wearing it.

Christopher Stevens, who isn’t a local tramp and does have an adequate amount of money to buy underwear, put the boxer shorts on almost three days ago and has worn them ever since. He insists they’re still ‘Fresh as a daisy’ even though they been wrapped around his cheesy bellend and asshole for the past seventy two hours.

“They smell a bit like cheese but that’s it.”, Christopher said. There are little skids round the back, but who’s going to notice that really?”.

“Its got nothing to do with being a lazy bastard who can’t be arsed to rummage through my drawers every morning. Underwear doesn’t need to be changed daily, it’s a waste of resources, water, washing powder, electric.”

Clearly Christopher is a man who likes to wallow in his own shit, however the good news for every around him, but bad news for his girlfriend is that he does take the pants off when he gets into bed at night.

“I mean really it’s only like I wear them for twelve hours during the day.”, he said. “The rest of the time the skids and piss stains end up on my sheets instead.”