Royal Mail confirm Article 50 letter ‘Was lost in the post’

The article 50 letter signed by British Prime Minister Theresa May has gotten lost in the post, the EU and Royal Mail have confirmed.

Signed late last night and what is possibly the most important document the UK has ever produced, the letter was posted by Downing Street staff and sent by ‘Exclusive 6 hour Delivery’ to Brussels via Royal Mail air mail.

After not receiving the letter by the March 29 deadline, the EU parliament has ‘Formerly withdrawn’ from negotiations regarding Britain’s exit.

Jean Claude Juncker, President of the EU said, “We’ve taken this incompetence as a sign that the British just aren’t ready to withdraw from the European Union, some have said we’re clutching at straws, but if the British can’t deliver a bloody letter without it getting lost, how are they going to manage outside of Europe?”

The British government have confirmed the letter was ‘Lost’ and that they believe ‘It may have actually been sent to an as yet unidentified Mrs Gina Miller’

Stephen Moore a disgruntled brexiter, who works for the Royal Mail said, “They know our bloody service is shit, why would they use us? It’s 2017 for petes sake, why would they just not email or text it?”