London shop owner defends selling jars of fresh air

Just days after a London shop situated next to a park was revealed to be selling sticks for £18 a pop, shoppers have discovered another London based boutique that is selling something even stranger, jars of ‘Fresh air’.

Revel Boutique based in the affluent Kensington area of London, are selling a number of ‘Clean air jars’ for £15 a piece.

The shop has several varieties for sale, all sourced from different parts of the country, including Country Moors, Highlands, Snowdon and Cornish Coast, the latter of which is described as,

“A refreshing and uplifting blend of both Cornish and Atlantic ocean air, responsibly sourced after drifting inland on a fresh sea breeze.”

Christy Jackson, part time hipster and owner of the swanky boutique has defended her decision to sell something so readily available to the masses.

“I don’t see how this is any different to selling bottled water.”, she said twisting one to reveal its plastic seal. “Our jars are very popular, especially the Cornish, all of our products are designed for those that don’t have time to visit the country were the air isn’t full of pollutants.”

“It’s nice to quite literally have a breath of fresh air, our clients have given our products excellent feedback, they say it’s really like being out in the country.”

“They’re priced at a premium as we have to send our own staff members to go and collect it, believe it or not there are no air farms yet, although we’re looking into setting one up in Cornwall by the end of the year.”