T-rex arms are actually from another dinosaur say scientists

Since its discovery in 1900, the posture of the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been moved around a bit, from standing tall with its tail dragging along the ground, to its back laying flat and flowing horizontal to the floor beneath, but now science has uncovered another hidden secret about this magnificent ancient beast, those aren’t its real arms.

“I’m not 100% sure where these limbs have come from.’, said paleontologist Tom Burner, who has been studying T-Rex fossils for the past few years.

“After studying other dinosaur fossils I’m fairly sure that this is just a massive joke. I’d say 100 years ago when it was discovered the arms were switched with another set to see if people could be fooled, it’s gone on for so long now that it’s accepted as fact.”

“The arms are around three-foot long, which isn’t much longer than the average humans.”

“Put those on a 25 foot long body and it looks hilarious.”, says Tom. “My estimate is that real T-rex arms were probably double in size, these replacement arms a most likely from a smaller dinosaur, maybe a raptor or something.”

It’s just a prank bro! According to Tom this is what the arms should look like.

Jim Brady from the Association of Scientists has refuted Tom’s claim.

“We don’t know what he’s talking about.”, he said with a half-smile. “But speaking of pranks, did Tom ever tell you about the time I locked him inside the CERN super collider when it was still on?”