Post Brexit Brits already using basic tools and fire

POST Brexit has Britain already bounced right back from its biggest 21st century hitch yet, it has been confirmed.

After Theresa May triggered Article 50, Britain was thrown back 200,000 years, but the country is already working​ hard to get back to pre-Brexit times.

“It’s quite significant.”, said Professor Carlos Calzone of Texas University, Britain’s society is making remarkable leaps, at this rate we’d expect them to be back were they were in another two to three hundred years.”

“They’re already using basic tools such as flint to sharpen knives and just a day after the Brexit vote they were already figuring out how to use Clippo lighters to start fires. It’s just a shame those fires were part of an arson rather than an attempt to cook.”

Despite having enough money, the rest of the world seems to be more inclined to watch rather than act, and Professor Calzone seems to know why.

“It’s like watching a live history lesson.”, he said. “Over the next couple of centuries we’re going to learn an awful lot about human evolution, just from watching the Brits.”

“Plus, we kind of think they brought this on themselves, its like a documentary, film crews don’t interact with nature, this is more or less the same thing ”