McCanns set for Jeremy Kyle lie detector test

TV has managed to organise one of the most awaited shows ever, after successfully luring Gerry and Kate McCann onto the primetime show, Jeremy Kyle.

The McCanns, who are famous for accidentally losing their daughter whilst out on the piss back in 2007, will do a lie detector test with the questions being around their daughter Madeleines disappearance.

In the ten years since their daughters d̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ disappearance, the McCanns have come under increasing pressure after draining nearly £10 million from the public purse. Culminating in a petition to have them participate in a public lie detector test, which gained over 150,000 signatures.

TV producer Serena Smith, was the woman who managed to organise the test. “It’s really bloody exciting.”, she said.

“There will be three questions, number one will be, are or were you involved in your daughter’s disappearance? Number two, which one of you had sexual relations with the pool boy, Pedro? And finally number three, where did you hide the body after this was discovered?”

TV are expecting viewing figures of 15-20 million people in the UK alone, such is the interest in the case.

“This like the British OJ Simpson trial.”, said Serena, “More people will tune in to this than people who watched Kate and Wills royal wedding.”

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