Sesame streets Elmo comes out as gay

JUST weeks after Sesame Street diversified its puppet base by introducing its first ever autistic character, another one of its long standing cast members has added his name to the number of minorities on the show, by coming out as gay.

Fan favourite Elmo, has finally come out of the closet after gracing our TV screens almost forty years.

The beloved character, known for referring to himself in third person, and his camp, high pitched falsetto tone, was at first ones of the favourites​ to be announced as autistic.

“Im surprised, I thought he had autism.”, said Sesame Street drug dealer, the Cookie Monster.

“I always knew he was gay, the things he would do for some cookies. Well, I wont go too in depth as this is a children’s TV show.”

“I’m glad he’s come out, rumour has it him and Big Bird were pretty close if you know what I mean. Elmo used to say, ‘They don’t call him BIG bird for nothing.'”

Although now openly gay, producers have insisted his sexuality will not play an ‘In depth’ part of the show, adding,

“We fully support Elmo and would like to take this opportunity to encourage other Sesame Street members to be open with us. We’re fully inclusive and extremely pro-LGBT.”