Don’t forget to check in with us on Facebook say NHS A&E staff

The NHS has written new guidelines for patients on what to expect when coming into Accident and Emergency, including new suggestions regarding the use social media in hospitals.

‘Make sure you check yourself in before you see a doctor.’, states the new guideline. ‘That way we can see that you really are ill.’

Emma Flair, a nurse at Kings College A&E department in London thinks the new rules are ‘Great’.

“You can’t come into A&E without checking yourself in on Facebook, we need to know you’re serious about being here.”, she said.

“We are able to ask for proof of your check-in, the way we see it, if you’re checked in then you want everyone to know, so there must be something wrong with you.”

“We suggest you check in before you see the doctor and don’t say anything else on Facebook until you leave, not even a like. That way you’ll be maximising your attention seeking and you’ll have lots of nosey bastards commenting, asking such things as,


‘Omg hope ur okayyy x’

‘u ok hun? xx’

‘hope everything goes well gws”

The NHS has been criticised regarding the move, but insists it should be seen as a trial only. Stating that ‘If all goes well, a Facebook check-in may be compulsory before any future NHS visit.’