Will you survive WW3? Take our semi-interactive quiz to find out.

With yet more US interference in the Middle East, many people are now combo WW3 is upon us. Take our semi-interactive quiz to find out how you would fare in the event of a nuclear showdown.


Where do you plan on going in the event of a nuclear strike?

a) The nearest nuclear bunker

b) A school basement or underground facility

c) The nearest garden shed

d) To sit at the table drinking tea as you have already accepted your inevitably fiery death


After the nuclear strike, what should you do next?

a) Sit tight and wait, start a semi-autonomous community and live democratically until help arrives

b) Ration out all the food, but give yourself a little extra

c)Make a radiation proof suit out of plastic bags and dirty nappies then go and look for help

d) Purposely exposure yourself to the radiation hoping it will give you superpowers


The first nuclear winter has arrived and it’s really fucking cold outside, what’s your plan?

a) You’ve already rationed up food and blankets in anticipation for this

b) Eat a shit tonne of food hoping your body will sustain itself

c) Find the nearest McDonalds because you’re fucking starving

d) Go in to hibernation because you’re a bear

The two year nuclear winter has cleared, the people you’re holed up feel it’s safe to go out into post apocalyptic wasteland. What do you think about this?

a) Warn them of post apocalyptic mutated animal species such as Ghouls and Deathclaws

b) Wrap yourself up tightly so you aren’t exposed to the elements and give it a bash

c) Apply a little homemade suncream made from soap and spit before leaving

d) Put your wife beater on and go out unprotected to enjoy the sun


If you answered Mostly A

You’ve watched a lot of apocalyptic movies and quite clearly know what you’re doing. Unfortunately movies are not real life and your cautiousness will only hinder your progress, leading to your premature death.

Chances of survival, 2/10

If you answered mostly B

You’re a bit more clued up and have a great sense of realism. But, realism is exactly that, real. Your desire to survive by deceiving others is likely to get you topped off by a fellow survivor real quick.

Chances of survival, 4/10

If you answered mostly C

Not many people know this, but the amount of lead in your average garden shed is enough to shelter you from a direct nuclear strike. Your courage and desire to get back to daily life as soon as possible by visiting fast food outlets is something to be commended. However nappy suites may lead to pink eye which slightly lowers your survival rating.

Chances of survival, a solid 7/10

If you answered mostly D

Your blasé attitude towards nuclear war is something to be admired, not many people can be this laid back as the world burns around them. Your gamble with the radiation paid off and you are now a bear that is able to sleep through long winters with ease. You use your new powers to easily adapt to your surroundings and start a new post-apocalyptic society of bear-human hybrids.

Surival is guaranteed, 10/10