Shia LaBeouf to spend a month living in a mental institution

Activist Shia Labeouf was ‘Unexpectedly’ whisked away to a mental institution this evening after announcing his plan to stay in a log cabin in Finland for four weeks as part of an ongoing art project.

The Transformers star and ex-actor, who we can only assume has passed the point of having so much money you just get really bored, was due to take part in an art project that would have seen him stay completely alone in a cabin, only communicating with people who text him.

Instead authorities had to step in to section Shia after he showed signs of ‘Being mental’.

Anna Fjord of the Bjorn Unit and Finlandia hospital updated us on Shias condition.

“It seems he is actually mental, he keeps blabbering on about ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Becoming one with nature’, we think he’s probably on a lot of drugs.”

Anna believes LaBeoufs latest high-profile spat with online forum 4chan, may have also contributed to a decline in his mental health.

“Let me get this clear, his mental health issues started when he agreed to do Transformers 3, what an awful film, but recently his vocal opposition to Donald Trump saw him place a livestreamed camera in a secret location for people to spout anti-Trump sentiment in to.”

“The camera was found and gave rise to what was essentially a game of cat and mouse, with Shia moving the feed from city to city and then eventually over to England.”

“Hopefully he’ll be out within twenty-eight days, I’m really getting fed up of him shouting ‘JUST DO IT’ all day.”