Study finds most cyclists think red means go

A new study conducted by a research team at the University of Trent has discovered cyclists may not be as arrogant as we all think they are.

The in depth analysis of cyclists attitude towards the road and other road users found some ‘Disturbing results’ according to team leader Jane Seel.

“In a parallel study we found that the biggest gripe for motorists is when cyclists run red lights.”

“So we took that to the cyclists to find out why they took part in such a dangerous activity.”

The conclusion found that 85% of cyclists were either unaware of what traffic lights are for, or thought the red light meant ‘Go’.

“A lot of those quizzed thought cyclists had ‘Priority’ on the roads.”, said Jane.

Jane also revealed her team had delved in to other parts of cyclist behaviour, such as why those on bikes feel the need to ride so far away from the kerb.

“This was a tricky one, it’s mostly about depth perception, something which seems to be at an evolutionary standstill in most people who ride bikes.”

“We find that the general arrogance, ignorance, perceived lack of awareness and feelings of superiority shown by some cyclists are all indicative of a undiagnosed personality disorder.”

So next time you come across a cyclist hogging the road, think twice before you call them a ‘Fucking two wheeled c***’, because cycling is a genuine mental disorder.