ISIS celebrate Easter with Hot cross bombs

Terror group ISIS have ironically celebrated Easter with a bang after distributing thousands of newly developed Hot cross bombs it has been claimed.

The explosives, shaped like the traditional Hot cross buns, have been anonymously despatched to bakeries around the middle east and to be eaten by unsuspecting customers.

“We’ve seen several injuries.”, said Red Cross volunteer Simon Raynor. “People are buying these Hot cross bombs and when they spread them with butter they’re exploding. Luckily the amount of explosives contained within them are small.”

ISIS, who once claimed responsibility for The Great Fire of London and the early 20th century Spanish Flu outbreak, have also taken responsibility for baking the bombs.

“We aren’t aiming to kill.” Read the statement. “This is just our reminder that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, ISIS can be there with you.”

“Next time you tuck into your food, don’t be scared of bacteria, be scared of ISIS because we’re coming for you and your Easter eggs.”