Science & Technology

Science confirms small willies

February 12, 2017

THERE has been a ‘Small’ breakthrough in the science world after a newly released study confirmed the existence of the elusive small penis. After years and years of interviews with males, scientist and lead researcher […]

Science & Technology

Cats rebellious phase to last it’s entire life

February 7, 2017

A naughty cat has decided that it’s teenage rebellious phase will in fact, continue throughout its entire life. After meeting other cats around her area, five month old Lola, a Tortoise shell from Leicester, has […]

Science & Technology

7 things that will soon be labelled carcinogens

January 24, 2017

THE Food Standards Agency’ has recently been accused of ‘Sucking all the fun out of life.’ After adding 25 more items to its list of ‘Potential carcinogens’. Including but not limited to, McCoys Crisps, Kendo […]

Science & Technology

Science to divert all funds into researching time travel

January 23, 2017

THE world of science will not stand idly by and ‘do nothing’ about Donald Trumps presidency says a leading Professor from one of the countries top universities. Doctor Marrian Young from Oxford University said she […]

Science & Technology

Bird looking for freshly cleaned car to shit on

January 18, 2017

A CROW has been holding in its shit for the past two days, ready to unleash on an unexpected driver who’s car has recently been cleaned. Colin, a Carrion Crow from Berkshire, has made it […]

Science & Technology

Space to become Safe

January 17, 2017

THE WORLD of science has unanimously agreed to designate space as a ‘Safe space’ after pressure from a Social Justice Warrior Group. The Group of attention seekers named ‘It’s about Equality (I mean me)’ had […]