Science & Technology

Bible confirmed as worlds oldest source of fake news

April 5, 2017

FAKE news has been in the news quite alot recently, from stories alleging the existence of aliens on the Moon to articles inferring the size of Donald Trumps penis, ‘I guarantee you there’s no problem. […]


Dog secretly digging his owners grave

January 2, 2017

A DOG has had to revert to drastic measures after being severely pissed off by his human owners. Jumbo, a  German Shepherd Labrador cross from Croydon South London, has begun digging the grave if his […]


Lump of dog shit wins 2016 Turner Prize

December 6, 2016

The aptly named sculpture, ‘The existential retraction and reduction of expulsion related items.’ Tate Modern- Its one of the most coveted art awards in the entire world, annually propelling the obscure world of abstract art […]


14 Dead in Black Friday Bloodbath, Countless injured

November 24, 2016

New York-US, Americas national day of cut price bargains and buying things you dont need, is fast becoming a day of mourning. Reports indicate that ‘dozens’ of people have been killed across the country in […]