Bottom’s Eddie Hitler becomes new leader of UKIP

November 28, 2016

Yorkshire, England- The North West England MEP Paul Nuttal, otherwise known as Eddie Hitler from his stint in the hilarious slapstick comedy series ‘Bottom” has been elected UKIP’s leader today, sworn in with a clear majority […]


Trumps wall set to become worlds largest billboard

November 25, 2016

The US/Mexico Border- Newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump is to make the building of ‘The Great Wall of America’ his “number one priority” he said in his inaugural speech at the […]


14 Dead in Black Friday Bloodbath, Countless injured

November 24, 2016

New York-US, Americas national day of cut price bargains and buying things you dont need, is fast becoming a day of mourning. Reports indicate that ‘dozens’ of people have been killed across the country in […]