Trump live tweets secret tour of area 51

February 28, 2017

DONALD Trump has sparked a massive security breach during his secret tour of Area 51 by tweeting the whole thing. During his visit to the top secret facility, Trump secretly tweeted his day, here is […]

Science & Technology

Space to become Safe

January 17, 2017

THE WORLD of science has unanimously agreed to designate space as a ‘Safe space’ after pressure from a Social Justice Warrior Group. The Group of attention seekers named ‘It’s about Equality (I mean me)’ had […]

Science & Technology

Racism row sees Black holes renamed ‘Holes of colour’

January 7, 2017

A RADICAL feminist and social justice group has shocked the world of science today after successfully challenging the names of a dozen celestial bodies, including black holes. The internet pressure group, Everyday Feminism had lobbied […]

Science & Technology

Alien tea party forgets to pack away giant spoon

December 29, 2016

SCIENTISTS on Earth were brimming with excitement this morning after UFO hunters scouring recently released NASA photographs of Mars, annouced their finding of a half buried ‘Giant Spoon’ on the rusty planets surface. The picture […]